Global Fellowship Program in India Masters in Liberal Arts and Humanities

The Global Fellowship Program (GFP) aims to nurture prospective leaders with ability to think creatively and critically with empathy for diverse human existence. This is a multi-discipline fully residential two year post graduate degree Global Fellowship Program in Punjab and India with a provision of availing a diploma after completion of one year.

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Why Liberal Arts and Humanities in C.U?

Students selected on the basis of SOP shall be recipients of Global Fellowship in the form of Fees Concession,Scholarship or Research/Teaching assistantship;
It is a comprehensive course to nurture students capabilities to excel in competitive examinations or to acquire edge in placements in International agencies ,organizations and I T industry.
This course is unique as it is flexible enough to do twining with other mainstream courses e.g MBA degree with diploma in Liberal studies,B.E or Law ,or Masters in Social science disciplines with diploma in Liberal Studies;
The program has been designed to create opportunities for further studies in the select universities of Australia and Europe;

Experiential Learning

On-field training offers an opportunity to apply the skills learned during classroom sessions.


Social Innovation

Nurturing of prospective leaders through exploration of ideas for social transformation.


Career Design

Experiences and projects in different career domains will help in choosing one's vocation for life.


Digital Humanities

Digital tools and software in conversation with Humanities shall lead towards comprehending 21st century challenges.

Our Partner

The Institute for Development and Communication (IDC) is an autonomous, premier research organization located in north-west India. It works from an inclusive perspective, for an equitable socio-economic transformation to build a humane and just society. The core areas for research explorations have evolved in consonance with area specific challenges and specialization of research leadership.

The first concern continues to be re-examination of the theoretical underpinning of varied empirical explanations for knowledge synthesis and the second relates to its transfer for interventions.

Our International Partners

Importance of Liberal Arts

About Chandigarh University

Chandigarh University (CU) is a leading Indian Institution offering its students a unique amalgamation of professional and academic excellence. Ranked among Asia’s best and fastest growing universities, CU has coupled the experience of renowned academicians and industry leaders.

At Chandigarh University, we are grooming students to be socially sensitive through intellectually challenging and contemporary diverse culture.

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